Good news for MAST - this is not the end :)

The project will be continuing by MOSiR, Klaipeda University, and a new partner - Roskilde Business College (Denmark). The main activities during the extension of the project will be building and strenghten of cooperation in the framework of the MAST Association, planning further cooperation after the end of the project, including the search for new partners to work on the design and preparation of a new project in the framework of the "South Baltic 2014-2020".

You might say that "old" give rise to "new", and our sailing activities in the framework of EU programs, will keep on going. With the support of the "old" program to spring 2015, we will be able to prepare more applications and look forward to new competitions in the next edition of "South Baltic" for future years.
This will allow us also to maintain and develop cooperation with valuable partners, which we do not want to lose.

So keep your fingers crossed, to make all the plans and expectations come true :).