MAST Project - time for a resume...

On the first day of September in the forecastle of STS "General Zaruski", the final meeting of partners of the EU project MAST, took place.
Maritime Education and Sail Training for Young People, a project within the "South Baltic Programme 2007-2013" is finally ending . Monday's meeting was also a form of farewell with great people, which focused on this project and the opportunity to summary of achievements. This last partner's meeting, MOSiR Gdansk, the project leader, organized in the best form for such a project - as a sailing trip. After the "office part" we went on a short cruise on STS "Generał Zaruski". The wind blew pretty good, and with young people who had previously been with us within a MAST cruise, we spent on board a couple of nice moments.

And despite the reporting and accounting period of the project, now we all agree that it was a very successful venture. The project involved a diligent and effective team of people and institutions from several Baltic countries, which have recognized that education sailing conducted on the old sail ship, as a permanent value, and for the young people taking part in the voyages is also a way to integration and international exchange, it can be an adventure of life, which will bound to the sea many of them for a long time or forever.

Although the MAST project is ending, the partners already make plans of joint ventures sailing. We are planning to prepare and run further EU projects, so the potential of such an elite team of MAST project, can not be left idle :).

Although not everyone was able to attend Monday's meeting, we all agreed that ending the MAST project, we are closing certain stage of gaining knowledge about how to organize international cooperation in sailing. This will allow us to meet again in the near future, taking new sailing challenges.

To all our partners with whom it was given to us fruitfully cooperate by these few years, we thank and say "see you next time"